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User Experience

We build simple, seamless experiences for people. Human-centric design principles guide us in creating tools that help solve problems.

Interface Design

We design thoughtful, easy-to-use interfaces. The look and feel of a product is important. We create clean and practical designs.

Data Visualization

​We analyze data and metrics to grow business intelligence and improve performance. Numbers help us tell stories, spark curiosity and solve problems through custom dashboards and reports.

Case Studies
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Luis Cielak

Principal Designer

Luis strives to make people’s jobs easier. With a background in business, design and tech, he’s worked for more than 15 years to solve problems with technology.

Luis, who was born and raised in Mexico City, now calls Philadelphia home. He has a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a master’s degree in Interactive Design Media. Luis’ life experiences have brought greater perspective to his designs and make him uniquely qualified to work on a range of projects with a variety of clients.

He’s a business-minded data expert, who has an eye for typography and color theory, and the skills to execute front-end website coding. Luis is here to help you build experiences that will solve problems and simplify your job.

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